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Let me help you put together the perfect outfit.  Whether you
are shopping for looks for work, a business trip or a job
interview, I can select for you the most appropriate attire that
fits your budget.



The personal shopping experience begins with an initial consult where we discuss what exactly you are looking for. This can either be via phone or in person. Then you may first opt for a wardrobe intervention. If not, I go out and do some survey shopping where I select items from various retailers in your size and place them on hold. We then meet up and go through the pre-selected items together. Because of the survey shopping we are able to accomplish three times the amount of shopping in half of the time.

After the shopping is done we put it all back together in your closet. It is at this point where I teach you about understanding your wardrobe and show you how to mix and match exiting pieces in your closet with the ones recently purchased for maximum versatility.


The Wardrobe Intervention is a key step in building the perfect closet. It is here that I remove all of the extraneous and superfluous items in your closet and begin to generate a list of staples that you are lacking. This list helps me produce a formulaic plan to my survey shopping. I will also reorganize the closet depending on your lifestyle needs. One of the available options at this time is a personalized photographic CD & Look Book, which enables you to refer back to wardrobe selections and outfits that you may not have remembered on your own. It is generally more fun if you are present during this process but not at all necessary.

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Summer Dresses


Do you dread going to your closet in the morning? Do you look at your closet full of clothes and stare blankly, wondering what to wear today? I have the perfect solution:"Outfits for 30 Days"
After a consultation & review of your calendar for the upcoming month, a complete selection of outfits appropriate for every day and every occasion are personally selected just for you!
This will ensure maximum utility and versatility from your closet, and you will never again wear the same outfit twice.


Your wardrobe is by its very nature an extension of you. So every morning when you walk out of the house you should project a clean crisp image from head to toe. This involves dressing appropriately, layering correctly, wearing accessories and having applied makeup, doing your hair and having your nails manicured.

Work clothes should be fun, transitional and yet professional. By this I mean that a great silk sleeveless top can be worn to work provided you wear either a jacket or a sweater, and then removed for a romantic evening at dinner with your partner.

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